Tuesday, August 12, 2008

19 Days and Counting

Okay, so we're now under the 20 day mark!

I've been talking to boo about saving our vacation points and taking her and 2 friends on the Disney cruise for her graduation present. I might just get a room for my parents and me and let her take up to 3 friends with her (they'll need to pay for their transportation and spending money). The idea of her being able to celebrate in this way and using my vacation points to make it happen, well, it leaves tears in my eyes!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Graduation Presents

My daughter and I were talking to her friend tonight and I mentioned that if they remain friends until they graduate, that Boo might choose a Disney vacation as her graduation present.

It's not a maybe, she will. In fact, she's been thinking of doing a cruise. But after looking at the Disney Cruise site, I'm a little concerned about what my vacation points might buy me a year from now:

PLEASE NOTE: These prices do not include a fuel supplement of $8 per person per day for the first two Guests in a stateroom (maximum of $112 per person) and $3 per day for all other Guests (maximum of $42 per person).

Ugh, fuel surcharges.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Starting a New Blog, Again!!

In February 1999, I met Bernard LeBeaupin. Bernard sold me on the idea that a single mom CAN vacation with her kid, family and friends and do it for LESS than a traditional vacation.

And it's been true.

In fact, I've rented out the timeshare, used it for a trip to Chicago where my two best friends and I stayed at the White Hall and there have been the cruises (I actually used my points to bring my parents and brother and his family, too), and this doesn't even begin to mention all the times that we've stayed at Disney in the resorts there!!

I first bought 170 points through Bernard in 1999 at Boardwalk. I paid that loan off more than a year ago. Later, we bought 40 points at The Villas at Wilderness Lodge and then another 100 at Boardwalk and finally an additional interest at Saratoga Springs (100 points there). If I had enough cash right now, we'd be plopping something down on an interest at Animal Kingdom!!

Over the last 9 years, we have been able to do all sorts of things that we could never have dreamed of before. Buying the Disney Vacation Club was the best purchase I ever made. Just ask the kid and the grandparents, they'll tell ya!!

So, I'll be posting about our vacation experiences as well as our booking experiences and pretty much anything else related to our experiences with this time share. Hope you enjoy the information.